CMT solves your ITSM system management challenges...

Rapidly Upgrade
CMT allows you to upgrade BMC Remedy ITSM simply, cost‑effectively, and without impacting your day-to-day operations. Avoid the pitfalls of the typical Remedy upgrade and choose a "non‑event" ITSM upgrade with CMT.

Particularly effective if you haven’t kept up to date with upgrades, CMT also enables you to leap‑frog over versions to go directly to the latest ITSM version.
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Migrate ITSM
to the Cloud
Migrating your ITSM solution to the cloud offers significant cost‑savings, however the migration process means losing historical data and impacts the quality of support provided to end‑users.

CMT is the only solution which enables you to seamlessly migrate your on-premise BMC Remedy ITSM system to the Cloud with minimal disruption to your business.
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Multi-Tenancy ITSM
Made Easy
BMC Remedy ITSM is ideal for SaaS providers but data management challenges can impact the bottom‑line and customer satisfaction.

CMT meets the unique needs of operators of multi-tenant Remedy ITSM systems enabling you to selectively upgrade your customers, consolidate systems, and rapidly onboard customers.
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What our customers say about CMT....

Initially, we couldn't believe that Alderstone CMT could deliver everything that was promised, it just seemed too good to be true.

However, we were delighted to find that the results really did match the marketing...this thing really works!

Jannis Lantouris
Project Manager

Steve Ackland

Using Alderstone’s CMT we undertook a challenging project and successfully upgraded our customer from ITSM 7.6.04 to 8.1, without any change freeze. Our customer implemented CMDB for the first time adding one million new CIs, just two weeks before go-live!
Despite this, our go-live was smooth and CMT met every challenge that was put in its path. We plan on using CMT for future migrations and upgrades.

Just how fast is CMT?

CMT is the world's fastest data migration tool designed for the BMC Remedy platform. Enabling you to migrate your Remedy data to a new system in a matter of hours rather than weeks or months using conventional tools.

The huge performance advantage of CMT not only reduces the duration and the costs of upgrades and data migrations but also makes you more agile on upgrade projects.

Being able to move data quickly gives technical staff the power and flexibility to respond quickly to unforeseen issues and to keep projects on track and on-budget.

Measuring Throughput (Bigger is better!)

Thoughput is the measure of how many records can be migrated within a specified time-period. The more records you can migrate the faster the migration and the less time you take to migrate a given number of records.

To measure throughput, we migrated 10,000 People records between two Remedy systems using three commonly-used legacy Remedy migration tools and using Alderstone CMT, and calculated the number of records per second (RPS)

Alderstone CMT accomplished a throughput of 4,000 records per second compared to the next fastest migration method (arx files) which achieved only 15 records per second.

Records Per Second
Migration Tool RPS
Alderstone CMT 4,000
ARX Files
(runmacro, arimport)
Third Party Tool 9
BMC Migrator 7
But what does that mean for real world data migrations?

Let's look at the performance of Alderstone CMT on a real upgrade project... One of our customers upgraded from a heavily-customized 7.6.04 ITSM to ITSM 8.1, and performed two data migrations;

  1. Migrate all data from the ITSM 7.6.04 system to ITSM 8.1 prior to UAT
  2. During the final outage cutover, migrate three weeks worth of data changes

How did CMT perform in this real-world upgrade?

  • The full data set of 64 million records was migrated in only 10 hours.
  • The delta data set of 6 million delta data records was migrated in only 2 hours.

But how does that compare with other data migration tools?

We calculated that BMC Migrator performing the same operations would require 87 days (running 24 x 7) to complete the full data migration and would have required an outage of 8 days to move the same delta data set!

The chart below compares the total upgrade migration time of CMT with the performance of BMC Migration for these operations - less is more!

Hours to Migrate
Migration Task Alderstone CMT BMC Migrator
Full Data Migration 10 hours 3 months
Cutover Data Migration 2 hours 8 days

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