BMC Remedy ITSM is great for SaaS providers...

Its feature-rich, data driven application and multi-tenancy model combined with a horizontally-scalable, robust architecture means multiple customers and thousands of users can effectively be hosted on a single environment.

These features means that BMC Remedy ITSM has long been the preferred platform for companies offering ITSM as a service.

...but issues with data management can impact profitability and customer satisfaction


Some of the most common challenges faced by companies managing BMC Remedy ITSM as a Service include:


While upgrades can be challenging for ITSM customers operating single tenant systems. Multi-tenant upgrades are logistically difficult to manage, as all customers on a platform must be upgraded at the same time.

If you are managing multiple environments across different geographic regions, an upgrade program can take several years to complete, by which time the next major release of Remedy ITSM is available and your customers are already asking for it. Upgrades can seem like an never ending cycle.


Onboarding new customers can take weeks, if not months,to accomplish due to long data loading times and can affect the quality of service for existing customers.

The requirement to manage and repeatedly load spreadsheet data during the onboarding process results in data load times of typically two-weeks per environment using conventional tools, and is both resource-intensive and prone to error.

This means higher costs for adding new customers and long waiting times for your new customer.


For various reasons, you may have non-standard or single-customer systems which have much higher running costs than your standardized multi-tenant platforms. Using conventional tools it is impossible to merge customers, with all their data, from these systems into the lower-cost, multi-tenancy environments.

The inability to freely move customers between environments results in disproportionately high overheads and management costs for the non-standard or single customer environments.


Due to regulatory or security changes, you may need to move customers who are currently hosted on a multi-tenant platform to a security-hardened or a single-tenant platform. Migration of an ITSM company, and all their data, between platforms is not supported by conventional Remedy tools.

The Alderstone solution

Alderstone CMT was designed for the specific needs of customers who manage BMC Remedy ITSM as a service.

Offers unparalleled speed and reliable data migration capabilities for BMC Remedy ITSM applications, and is designed to support the industrialized processes and large scale data management capabilities which are essential to the profitable management of BMC Remedy ITSM as a service.

  • Migrate an individual customer or collection of customers to the latest version of ITSM in a day
  • Accelerate onboarding to reduce to time-to-live by weeks
  • Win more business by offering enhanced onboarding for on-premise Remedy ITSM customers
  • Consolidate platforms or migrate customers to standalone systems with complete freedom of movement
  • Implement industrialized processes for huge costs savings and consistently high quality outcomes
Simplify your upgrade process using pre-configured migration paths, which can be easily adapted for your customized Remedy application, for repeatable, high quality upgrades which can be rolled out to all your systems with low-cost resourcing.
Gain the
upper hand
Gain commercial advantages over your competitors by offering a superior customer experience with CMT. Seamlessly migrate existing BMC Remedy ITSM customers to your cloud service. Selectively upgrade your most demanding customers without impacting your other customers.
Reduce the time taken to onboard a customer and eliminate manual processes by using CMT to promote the customer’s data set directly between environments. This reduces the typical two-week data load time per environment to a few hours.
data migration
Alderstone CMT is the fastest data migration solution designed for the Remedy ITSM platform, other solutions can take several weeks, require complex catch-up runs and sophisticated processes to complete an upgrade. CMT enables you to minimize the downtime associated with your cutover and ensure the least impact on your business.
Upgrade from any Remedy ITSM Version
Even if you haven’t kept up to date with the Remedy ITSM upgrades, CMT can help you upgrade directly to the latest ITSM version. For example, using CMT you can migrate your data directly from ITSM 7.1 to 9.x. CMT automatically manages your enhancements and customizations reducing the effort and skill required to upgrade.

Alderstone has worked extensively with Global Outsourcers and System Integrators and understand the unique challenges of managing multi-tenant, enterprise Remedy systems.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help with the management of your ITSM services.


Alderstone CMT is available to purchase or lease for your upgrade, onboarding or consolidation activities. We also offer fixed priced packages using CMT with our team of expert consultants handling part or all of your program.


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