Everyone's going to the Cloud...

...but how easy is it to get there without impacting your business?

Migrating your BMC Remedy ITSM application into the cloud can achieve significant reductions in operating costs and capital expenditure. Accomplishing this migration without adversely affecting your business operations is not always straightforward.

Because of the challenges with Remedy data migration, most SaaS operators for BMC Remedy ITSM will only migrate your baseline foundation data from your existing Remedy system into the cloud.

Your historical and live data including Incidents, Problems, Service Requests, and Changes are not migrated.

This means significant disruption to your business operations during the cutover period. Your support teams and your user community are forced to work across two different systems.

Additionally, all of your historical data, which is critical for the quality of IT Service Management in an ITIL-compliant organization, is lost forever. For some organizations, there are legal and industry restrictions that mean data loss simply isn't possible. The disruption caused by this migration process has discouraged many existing BMC Remedy ITSM customers, who can otherwise see the benefits of moving to the cloud.

The Alderstone solution

Alderstone CMT offers unparalleled speed and reliable data migration capabilities for BMC Remedy ITSM applications, enabling you to rapidly upgrade to the latest version of BMC Remedy ITSM or seamlessly migrate to the cloud.

  • Take all your live and historical data to the Cloud providing a seamless migration to the Cloud for your user community
  • Migrate quickly and easily with the minimum of downtime using the fastest data migration solution
  • Eliminate parallel running of your on-premise and and cloud solution
  • Avoid unnecessary operational impact and hidden costs
Migrate Seamlessly
to the Cloud
Migrating your entire ITSM application into the cloud can now be done with minimal impact to your daily operations. Using CMT you can take as much or as little of your live and historical data as you like directly to the new cloud service. Choose a smooth, painless and low cost migration using CMT.
Upgrade from any Remedy ITSM Version
Even if you haven’t kept up to date with the Remedy ITSM upgrades, CMT can help you upgrade directly to the latest ITSM version in the cloud. For example, using CMT you can migrate your data directly from ITSM 7.1 to 9.x without following the long process of upgrading to each of the interim versions.
data migration
Alderstone CMT is the fastest data migration solution designed for the Remedy ITSM platform, other solutions can take weeks or months of effort to complete an upgrade. Minimize the downtime associated with your cutover and ensure the least impact on your business.
migrate data
CMT allows you to filter the data set being migrated to enable you to take as much or as little data as you'd like to the cloud, for example, take only open Tickets and the last six months of closed Tickets.
data transfer
Ensure the security of your data center is not compromised by your migration to the Cloud. Unlike other data migration solutions, CMT does not require your on-premise Remedy system to be directly connected to the cloud to migrate your data.

Alderstone CMT is available to purchase or lease for your upgrade, onboarding or consolidation activities. We also offer fixed priced packages using CMT with our team of expert consultants handling part or all of your program.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


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