IT Service Management

Our mission is to support customers in achieving their business goals through effective service and technology management.
Our proven expertise in technology consulting services helps customers reduce costs, leverage industry best-practice and realise the ROI on investment in IT Service Management tools.

We believe that quality can be achieved at a reasonable cost, and that through sensible and pragmatic project and programme management
IT Service Management projects can be delivered on time, with quality and on budget.

We ensure our customers are happy and achieve their business goals, which is why our customers return to us again and again.

We provide high-level Programme Managers with many years experience coordinating multiple, complex projects to help you achieve your strategic goals.
You can rely on our expert project managers to deliver on time and on budget, whether you're implementing an ITSM upgrade, or rolling out a multi‑national ITSM deployment.
Alderstone have some of the most experienced and knowledgable experts in the industry. Rely on us to provide the right guidance to help you fulfil your technical objectives.
As A Service
Whether you're a SaaS provider or a forward thinking IT organisation looking to revolutionise how you deliver services to your business, we can help you succeed with ITSM as a service.

Alderstone Consulting provided technical project management, data migration consultancy and implementation support on CSC’s large multi-tenant Remedy is my firm belief that they were instrumental to the success of these projects.

Jay Kingston, Global Programme Manager, CSC

BMC Remedy ITSM Upgrade Experts

We've been working with Remedy for over twenty years

...take it from us, upgrading BMC Remedy ITSM is difficult!

We've managed, planned and successfully executed every kind of upgrade you can imagine; from on‑premise single‑tenant systems to large, complex, multi‑national, multi‑tenant systems.

Over many years we've developed an approach to upgrading Remedy ITSM which ensures we deliver even the most complex upgrades on-budget, on-time and without disrupting your daily operations.

BMC Remedy ITSM Upgrade Approaches

We have real-world experience with each of the upgrade methodologies which can be used for Remedy ITSM and can advise you on the pros and cons of each, and recommend the best solution for your business.

Upgrade In Place

The simplest, but not the easiest, upgrade approach is to apply the ARS and ITSM upgrade packages directly to your Production system.

This approach has the benefit of requiring no additional infrastructure, assuming your current architecture can handle the new version, but is very challenging for medium or large enterprises as it requires a long outage with a risk of complete failure. Everything has to go right first time over the cutover weekend and unexpected errors are common. This approach is typically used only by smaller customers or for very small version changes.

Copy & Upgrade

This is the most common upgrade approach used in the field and involves creating a new parallel architecture using a copy of your existing Production database.

This approach requires new parallel infrastructure but has the benefit of both reduced outage time during the cutover but also allows full testing and validation of the new system prior to go-live, significantly reducing the risk and post-go-live issues. However, upgrading an existing Remedy application, especially with larger data volumes tends to result in unexpected and silent failures. This methodology also carries forwards all customizations in the existing system including those which may negatively impact data integrity or application behavior. Furthermore, as DDM is typically used to synchronize data changes, a long and hard to manage change freeze typically impacts business operations through the upgrade process.

Fresh Install & Migrate

This upgrade approach creates a new parallel Remedy ITSM architecture with a new installation of Remedy ITSM.

This approach the short outage window and reduced risk of the parallel environment benefits of the Copy & Upgrade approach but has additional benefits.
A new installation of Remedy ITSM is much faster to perform than an upgrade of an existing application, and ensures the application is clean and reliable, with very little risk of silent failures during the installation process. Customizations are migrated to the new installation ensuring high quality standards and a known system state with no risk of unknown custiomizations causing data or workflow issues. Data migration is a large component of this upgrade method and is very slow using conventional BMC Remedy migration tools. This has meant that this upgrade approach was not frequently used in the field until Alderstone CMT provided rapid data migration capabilities and made this superior approach viable.

Alderstone are a good way!

Our experience means we'll use what really works rather than just telling you what the manual says ....and, unlike some of our competitors, we value your success more than our revenue.

We think you'll like the Alderstone difference, so please get in touch and find out how we can help you with your next upgrade.

Our Formula For Repeatable Success

  • Realistic and proactive project management ensuring a reliable timeline
  • Emulation of the cutover process to ensure a smooth go-live
  • Managed and tracable testing of the application including customizations, regression testing and external interfaces
  • User acceptance testing against an application which undergoes the same process that we use for cutover
  • Sign off and acceptance of the delivered application
  • Audited and trackable defects and remediation to ensure issue do not reoccur after go-live
  • Easy to manage or no change freeze to impact your business
  • Careful management and inclusion of key stakeholders